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Centennial Supplier Payment


Enhance your cashflow with Centennial Finance Supplier Payments Solution

Provide your suppliers access to financing at attractive rates based on your stronger credit rating.
Quick implementation of solution with simplified on-boarding process.
Strengthen your supply chain relationships and enhance channel loyalty

How it works

  • Improved cashflow for you through extended payment terms.
  • DBS makes early payment to suppliers with minimum impact on suppliers’ working capital.
  • Improved working capital at attractive funding rates for your suppliers.
  • DBS discounts supplier invoices and provides early payment to suppliers based on your credit rating.
  • A quick and scalable implementation process
  • Suppliers go through a simplified documentation and on-boarding process.
  • No reclassification of trade payables.
  • Balance sheet-neutral working capital solution for both you and your suppliers.

What makes us different

Centennial Finance allows you and your counter parties to manage and track your transactions in an automated and secure environment.
Immediate access to information, electronic Exchange of trade instruments and online initiation of financing requests.
Access to detailed reports and transaction status anytime, anywhere.

How it Works?

With a vast experience in making businesses take a leap towards their success, we strive to make the process as simple and smooth for our clients as possible.

  1. Improved Cashflow for You:
    • Benefit from enhanced cashflow through extended payment terms.
  2. Early Payments with Minimal Impact on Suppliers:
    • Centennial Finance facilitates early payments to suppliers without adversely affecting their working capital.
  3. Attractive Funding Rates for Suppliers:
    • Suppliers gain access to improved working capital at competitive funding rates.
  4. Discounted Supplier Invoices:
    • Centennial Finance discounts supplier invoices and expedites early payments based on your credit rating.
  5. Quick and Scalable Implementation:
    • Enjoy a rapid and scalable implementation process with no reclassification of trade payables.
  6. Automated and Secure Environment:
    • Centennial Finance provides an automated and secure platform for managing and tracking transactions.
  7. Immediate Access to Information:
    • Gain real-time access to detailed reports and transaction status anytime, anywhere.
  • Schedule a free appointment by giving us call or fill the contact form
  • Our financial consultants will review your company details.
  • Submit the required documents requested during the meeting
  • We’ll start connecting your company to the financers in our network and get you a bespoke lending option tailored to your requirements.
  • We take all the effort to streamline the lending process for you so can do what you do best expand your business.

A variety of lending options are available and offered to our clients based on their requirements and eligibility.

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