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Business Finance

Business finance refers to funds obtained and utilized by business owners to meet their requirements that may comprise of starting of a business, acquiring top-up funds to finance business functioning, procuring finance to invest in capital assets for the business, or to deal with an unexpected cash crunch encountered by the business.

The Centennial Group helps businesses to acquire the funds required for each of the above-mentioned scenarios through banking channels, private equity funds, bespoke business lending and much more, schedule an appointment today for a personalized advice.


SME Financial Planning

Take a leap towards your ambition, and when it comes to financial planning and management, we’ve got you covered. SMEs are most exposed to world economy in today’s business arena, any fluctuations in regular trends or any un-foreseen financial crunch directly affects SMEs, hence we have chalked out financial plans specifically catering to SMEs that help your enterprise pass through the hard times and flourish without the fear of sudden financial instability.

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Asset Finance Loan

Asset financing is a type of borrowing related to the assets of a company. In asset financing, the company uses its existing inventory, accounts receivable, or short-term investments to secure short-term financing.

Asset financing differs considerably from traditional financing, as the borrowing company offers some of its assets to get a quick cash loan.

Business asset finance is typically attractive to businesses who want to put their growth plans into action but don’t necessarily have the ready cash, or business owners who would rather spread large costs over a longer period.

Short-term asset finance also enables businesses to remain competitive by making it easier for them to access the latest technology. Asset finance is a broad category that relates to valuable items in your business.

Key Features:

  • Asset financing allows a company to get a loan by pledging balance sheet assets.
  • Asset financing is usually used to cover a short-term need for working capital.
  • Some companies prefer to use asset financing in place of traditional financing as the financing is based on the assets themselves rather than the bank’s perception of the company’s creditworthiness and future business prospects.

Business Lending

Ambition and work knowledge can surely take your business to places, but sometime it gets harder to take the next step due to un-foreseen circumstances; such are the times we are living in.

uring these hard times, a financial push can keep you going and even make you race through the hard times to good days again.

We at The Centennial Group provide end-to-end business lending solutions for SMEs to large corporates. With our professional tie-ups with local and international banks, investment companies and private investors we make the impossible possible, help you with a smooth sailing facility and guide you through to the shore. We don’t just help you lend money, we advise you to get it from where it is best suited to your financial needs.

How it Works?

With a vast experience in making businesses take a leap towards their success, we strive to make the process as simple and smooth for our clients as possible.

  • Schedule a free appointment (Schedule Appointment Button)
  • Our financial consultants will review your company details.
  • Submit the required documents requested during the meeting
  • We’ll start connecting your company to the financers in our network and get you a bespoke lending option tailored to your requirements.
  • We take all the effort to streamline the lending process for you so can do what you do best expand your business.

    A variety of lending options are available and offered to our clients based on their requirements and eligibility.

Business Loans

We have a working relationship with a number of local and international banks.

This allows us to put our client’s case to FastTrack through the eligibility and approval processes.

We can get approvals for SMEs and large corporates alike.

Our goal stays the same throughout our services, you win, we win. It’s as simple as that.


Trade Working Capital

Trade working capital is directly associated to a business day-to-day operation, hence is important to maintain. However, at some point it becomes difficult for a company to maintain or use its trade capital properly which may push the company to dangerous financial levels.

Other requirements of trade working capital may include an undergoing project in constructional or operational phase. We help such companies find lending options to give them a much-needed boost to get back into the competitive market and invest on their growth.

These lending options vary in type and form based on the specific requirements and eligibility criteria, we usually suggest and offer acquisition options, loans, money lending through private investors or private equity funds and even bank loans.

Business Formation

Our clients come with a vision and we do our best to turn their dreams and ambitions to reality. We offer end-to-end solutions in business formation from concept to ideation, and financing to its complete operations overseas, in local mainland or a number of free trade zones.


LC Facility

LC, ‘letter of credit’ has become a very important aspect of international trade. A letter of credit is a document sent from a bank or financial institute that guarantees that a seller will receive a buyer’s payment on time and for the full amount.

The Centennial Group helps you obtain letter of credit for your trade requirements from a number of local and international banks as per the requirement.

Schedule a meeting today to discuss your specific requirements.

International LC

International trade transactions can be facilitated and simplified by a line of credit. The borrower’s repayment of the credit loan is guaranteed by an exporter to the lending bank. A loan payment is then extended by the bank to the exporter. We at The Centennial Group facilitate in acquiring line of credit including multiple banks, exporters and our trade partners.


Standby Letter of Credit

A legal document issued by bank on behalf of it’s client, a Standby letter of credit (SBLC) gives a guarantee of its obligation to pay the seller if its client (the buyer) defaults on the agreement.

A standby letter of credit serves as a safety net. A Standby letter of credit ensures the seller that the payment for the goods or services will be made by the bank if the buyer fails to make the payment on time.

This is a Win Win situation for both parties as we have a panel of trusted financial institutions and banks that enable us to provide SBLC services to our clients.

Stock/Trade Credit Insurance

The vast array of services we provide at The Centennial Group also includes Trade credit insurance (TCI). TCI is a way of safeguarding a business against its commercial customers’ incapability to pay for products or services, whether due to bankruptcy, insolvency, or political disruption in countries where the trade partner functions.


Supplier Payment

The Centennial Group offers Supplier Payment Services in which lending is applied based on an order for which you have relevant documentation such as client’s LPO, payment cheques or both.

Contact us for more information.

Project Financing

Project finance is the funding (financing) of long-term infrastructure, industrial projects, and public services using a non-recourse or limited recourse financial structure. The debt and equity used to finance the project are paid back from the cash flow generated by the project.

Our team of project financing experts supports public and private-sector decision-makers in MENA region in the development and implementation of essential infrastructure, industrial and energy related projects.

Our extensive experience in project finance combined with our strong network of banks throughout UAE and abroad gives us a clear edge on our competitors and a hassle-free service guarantee to you.

We help our clients in obtaining medium to long-term loans to finance or refinance projects.

Working capital facilities for the construction and operational phase.

Documentary products to support transactions, such as bank guarantees bid and performance bonds.

Arrangement and management of syndicated transactions.

Derivative instruments to hedge against interest rate and currency risks.

Financial advisory (equity and debt raising; valuation and financial modelling)

Pre-financing or co-financing of projects through private equity funds.